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In reading a post on Team RWB’s blog post I found myself relating to the author.  She was attending a Storytelling and Leadership Camp.  Part of this camp was writing and telling her story.  Well that is enough right there to make one unpack their bags and stay home!  Cleaning horse stalls or pig pens is more enjoyable than doing that!

Abbi, the author of the blog post writes:
“On that first night, we were asked to write ourselves a permission slip. We were supposed to write something on it that we were giving ourselves permission to do during camp.”

Permission to do?  Permission slip? Permission, giving ourselves permission?  You mean I can give myself permission to ___________…..

Hell yea!  I can do that!
So I’m taking running coaching training
Hypnosis and communications training
Relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety reduction training
Podcasting: The Permission to Succeed Podcast (Resilience can be learned. My path to a resilient life, definition of success, permission from oneself to embrace a joyful life)
Marketing two products that I absolutely LOVE: DoTERRA Essential Oils, PruVit Ketones

Yes it is extremely sad that I had to be in my 50’s to learn that I can give myself permission to ________, even those things that I’m not supposed to do because of whatever brought me to believing that lie.


I can promise I will mess up, I will fall flat on my face, I will not make finish lines, I will offend people, I will anger people, I will inspire people.
I can promise I will strive to provide content that adds value to those who choose to give me the most precious gift they have, their time and attention.  I promise to honor that commitment you give to me.

So Onward!

Here we go!

Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 17 – Life Changing Podcasts

The Permission to Succeed Podcast
Episode 017
May 8, 2018

Women Run Arkansas
Life Changing Podcasts
Arkansas Traveller 100, October 6, 2018

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Women Run Arkansas

Life Changing Podcasts:
Dr Laura
Dave Ramsey
Brain Software
What Crazy Thing I’m Doing
The Arkansas Traveller 100
Chris Beason’s Blog: The Mileage Of My Sole
My Running Blog: Lisa Migrates Ultras

My Website: www.lisagunnoe.com

The Permission To Succeed Podcast – What happened to Episode 15 & 16?

What happened to Episode 15 & 16?
Anchor numbers these episodes regardless of how I want them numbered so I’m getting my episode numbers lined up with them.  There is no 15 & 16.  It’s all okay.

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The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 014 – Emotions & Curiosity

The Permission To Succeed Podcast:
Episode 14
April 21, 2018

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Bad car noise!  Sorry, don’t know why this is worse than in past podcasts.
Ouachita Trail 50K
Arkansas Traveller 100
JP Sears – Feel what you are feeling when you feel it.  No one dies from negative emotions
Mark Divine  – You can feel your emotions when you feel them but you can’t impose those emotions on others.

Fear; Feel it, learn from it, sit with it
Be curious about emotions, what is the emotion under that emotion?
Being responsible for one’s own emotions
Training for a 100 mile foot race
Show up every day of training months in advance to show up on the starting line with a reasonable expectation of reaching the finish line.
Find life finish lines.  Make it to the next aid station.
Pull back the mask of that negative emotion and see what is underneath it.

The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 013 – Mental Meandering

The Permission To Succeed Podcast
Episode 13
April 7, 2018

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Mental Meandering on My Birthday – lots of “and” and “um” LOL

The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 012 – Clean Language

The Permission to Succeed Podcast:
Episode 12
March 20, 2018

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Two Books:
Clean Language
by Wendy Sullivan & Judy Rees

From Contempt to Curiosity: Creating the Conditions for Groups to Collaborate Using Clean Language
By Caitlin Walker

Check myself for my congruency between the behavior needed to achieve my goals and be the person I want to be and my behavior on social media.

Email me at shebalynnx@gmail.com if you would like to experiment with me, video calls to practice revivification and Clean Language.

The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 011 – Women Run Arkansas, Book Review, How To Use Personal Criticism

The Permission to Succeed Podcast:
Episode 11
March 7, 2018

Women Run Arkansas
10 week running/walking clinic


The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit: Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain by Melissa Tiers

Use this book immediately after reading the first chapter. We as individuals can have control over our anxieties and rewiring our brains to move in a different direction with our normal anxiety triggers.


How to use uncomfortable personal information:
Consider the source: Is this person mentally sound? Is this person’s life heading in a direction you can respect? Does this person want the best for you?
If no- push the information away as many times as you have to and use the techniques learned in The Anti-anxiety Toolkit.
If this person is someone you respect and they want the best for you, consider, though it may hurt and be traumatic, consider the information they give you. Then consider if the information true today. If you have known this person a long time they may never have notice, nor seen the improvements you have made in your life.  They may still be running on the stories they have in their head not noticing your new story.
Consider this, determine if the information they give is relevant today and use that information to create a roadmap to move toward the person you want to be.

The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 010 – Taming That Voice In Our Head

The Permission to Succeed Podcast:
Episode 10
Feb 25, 2018

Updates on Tri-Keto Life Clinic
Lessons Learned
Being nice to ourselves (taming the abusive voice in our heads)


The Permission to Succeed Podcast:
Feb 26, 2018
Apology for horrible sound quality
Lessons learned