The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 004 – Curiosity About Emotion

The Permission to Succeed Podcastleo-animal-savannah-lioness-55814.jpeg
Episode 004
Dec 19, 2017

Curiosity About Emotion:
What if, instead of that knee jerk reaction to a trigger we become curious, responsible for our response and dig out the anchor to those triggers?
Anger sometimes is because we don’t understand something, so explore that instead of becoming angry.  Let’s try to explore their point of view.  Understanding doesn’t mean agreeing.  We can explore, see why that person thinks a certain way, validate why they think/feel that way and understand them while completely disagreeing.
Path to Change:
Notice we want to change
Notice the thing afterwards
Notice the thing mid doing it
Notice the thing right before we do it

Curiosity to the triggers can bring out the personal change we want to achieve.
How old does that trigger make me feel?

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