The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 009 – Meandering Thoughts

The Permission to Succeed Podcast:
Episode 009
Feb 10, 2018

Meandering Thoughts


Sheena Diane WAHM Radio Work At Home Mom, Entrepreneur, Mentor
Illeane Smith Create and monetize online content

Daily Practices:
Write daily to get good at writing
Podcast daily to get good at podcasting
Meditate daily to get good at meditation

Compare yourself to you in the past, don’t compare yourself to other people.

Create another story to help re-frame the things that annoy you to be able to help yourself and those around you.  Be kind by letting go.

Journal successes – use this as a measuring stick to see your progression in meeting your goals.

Save the world by working on yourself.  Sort yourself out before changing the world.  Come on get real, we can only change the world when we change our part of the world, ourselves.
12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – Jordan B Peterson
Jacob’s Place – Searcy, AR – Example of changing the world by changing close to home

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