The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 011 – Women Run Arkansas, Book Review, How To Use Personal Criticism

The Permission to Succeed Podcast:
Episode 11
March 7, 2018

Women Run Arkansas
10 week running/walking clinic


The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit: Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain by Melissa Tiers

Use this book immediately after reading the first chapter. We as individuals can have control over our anxieties and rewiring our brains to move in a different direction with our normal anxiety triggers.


How to use uncomfortable personal information:
Consider the source: Is this person mentally sound? Is this person’s life heading in a direction you can respect? Does this person want the best for you?
If no- push the information away as many times as you have to and use the techniques learned in The Anti-anxiety Toolkit.
If this person is someone you respect and they want the best for you, consider, though it may hurt and be traumatic, consider the information they give you. Then consider if the information true today. If you have known this person a long time they may never have notice, nor seen the improvements you have made in your life.  They may still be running on the stories they have in their head not noticing your new story.
Consider this, determine if the information they give is relevant today and use that information to create a roadmap to move toward the person you want to be.

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