The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 014 – Emotions & Curiosity

The Permission To Succeed Podcast:
Episode 14
April 21, 2018

gray pathway surrounded by green tress
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Bad car noise!  Sorry, don’t know why this is worse than in past podcasts.
Ouachita Trail 50K
Arkansas Traveller 100
JP Sears – Feel what you are feeling when you feel it.  No one dies from negative emotions
Mark Divine  – You can feel your emotions when you feel them but you can’t impose those emotions on others.

Fear; Feel it, learn from it, sit with it
Be curious about emotions, what is the emotion under that emotion?
Being responsible for one’s own emotions
Training for a 100 mile foot race
Show up every day of training months in advance to show up on the starting line with a reasonable expectation of reaching the finish line.
Find life finish lines.  Make it to the next aid station.
Pull back the mask of that negative emotion and see what is underneath it.

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