The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 004 – Curiosity About Emotion

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Episode 004
Dec 19, 2017

Curiosity About Emotion:
What if, instead of that knee jerk reaction to a trigger we become curious, responsible for our response and dig out the anchor to those triggers?
Anger sometimes is because we don’t understand something, so explore that instead of becoming angry.  Let’s try to explore their point of view.  Understanding doesn’t mean agreeing.  We can explore, see why that person thinks a certain way, validate why they think/feel that way and understand them while completely disagreeing.
Path to Change:
Notice we want to change
Notice the thing afterwards
Notice the thing mid doing it
Notice the thing right before we do it

Curiosity to the triggers can bring out the personal change we want to achieve.
How old does that trigger make me feel?

The Permission To Succeed Podcast – Episode 003 – One Word

The Permission to Succeed Podcast
Episode 003
Dec 6, 2017


The Power of One Word
Unaffiliated book: One Word That Will Change Your Life by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page (No not that Jimmy Page) & Jon Gordon.
Pick one word and live it throughout the year.  Picking and having that one word will redirect your life in a positive direction.  Make sure you pick a positive word!

Last year’s word was “Relationship”:
This word helped me answer the phone, become a better listener, developed deeper relationships.
Along with developing deeper relationships I was able to let go of destructive relationships without guilt or shame.

Considering “Listen” as my new word for 2018.

The Permission to Succeed Podcast Episode 002 – Create An Environment For Practicing Discipline

The Permission to Succeed Podcast
Episode 002
Nov 28, 2017

4:00 AM Wake Up Call

Make a reason to get up! Leave the house and exercise with a group to encourage me to do hard things that help improve my life.  This has re-set discipline.  I love my workout group! Having a good day is has to be a personal objective of our day.  We find what we seek so seek good things.

Welcome to Permission to Succeed

In reading a post on Team RWB’s blog post I found myself relating to the author.  She was attending a Storytelling and Leadership Camp.  Part of this camp was writing and telling her story.  Well that is enough right there to make one unpack their bags and stay home!  Cleaning horse stalls or pig pens is more enjoyable than doing that!

Abbi, the author of the blog post writes:
“On that first night, we were asked to write ourselves a permission slip. We were supposed to write something on it that we were giving ourselves permission to do during camp.”

Permission to do?  Permission slip? Permission, giving ourselves permission?  You mean I can give myself permission to ___________…..

Hell yea!  I can do that!
So I’m taking running coaching training
Hypnosis and communications training
Relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety reduction training
Podcasting: The Permission to Succeed Podcast (Resilience can be learned. My path to a resilient life, definition of success, permission from oneself to embrace a joyful life)
Marketing two products that I absolutely LOVE: DoTERRA Essential Oils, PruVit Ketones

Yes it is extremely sad that I had to be in my 50’s to learn that I can give myself permission to ________, even those things that I’m not supposed to do because of whatever brought me to believing that lie.


I can promise I will mess up, I will fall flat on my face, I will not make finish lines, I will offend people, I will anger people, I will inspire people.
I can promise I will strive to provide content that adds value to those who choose to give me the most precious gift they have, their time and attention.  I promise to honor that commitment you give to me.

So Onward!

Here we go!